1) The Toyroom offers an extensive line of reproduction and custom packaging to suit a variety of needs.
 Chances are if it fits in to the list in the menu bar we've already made it. The Mego "World's Greatest
 Super-Heroes" line alone is VERY extensive and all-encompassing.

2) Quality full-color glossy prints...One-sheet construction...Hi-Resolution artwork and graphics...Every detail
  meticulously re-created from scratch. What this means is you will NOT be getting a "xerox" of a beat-up old
  box on copy paper mounted to cardboard as others may offer. These are NOT the "box kits" you hear about.
  Each box looks like it would "back-in-the-day": bright and fresh and completely constructed.

3) Some of the fastest turnaround shipping time available.

4) Very competitive pricing. PLUS....No hidden "design fees". The price you pay is for the box, regardless of time
 involved in designing the box. If it's a repro or a custom we haven't done before, the price is the same based
 on the size/style of box.

5) MANY, MANY satisfied customers and years of experience.